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In response to the demand for mail and documentation services in the country of origin and place of residence of immigrants, as well as the requirements established by Consulates and Government Offices to duly attend to their multiple needs, we carry out the procedures according to the country.


The visa is a rule that governs between countries to legalize the entry and stay of people in a nation where they do not have nationality or free transit. The visa is a document that is attached to the passport by the authorities to indicate that it has been examined and has been considered valid to enter or leave the country.

Do you need an urgent visa?

Lex Express can help you save valuable time and avoid costly delays. A Lex Express expert will review all documents to confirm that your application is correct, complete, and ready for submission. We will contact you personally to quickly handle any errors ensuring that your application is submitted correctly and on time.


Specialized in obtaining certificates of birth, marriage, singleness, death, criminal record, etc …

We offer priority service, fast and friendly customer service and we will take care of all the complications that your process may generate for you.


Legalize or apostille, is a seal that guarantees the authenticity of your official documents for their legalization before the Ministry or Secretary of Foreign Relations.

Legalization gives validity to a public document, verifying the authenticity of the signature placed on a document and the quality in which the authority signing the document has acted for it to take effect in a foreign country that does not belong to the Hague Convention.

Notarial documents, notarial testimonies, court documents, documents related to civil status, documents issued by the commercial registry, university degrees, sworn translations can be legalized.



We have an international express mail service of optimal quality, so that your documents reach their destination on time.



Translation Certificate

When requesting any type of legal certificate, you have no option to choose the language in which it is written, if you need a copy of your certificate in another language it must be translated by a certified professional.

Do you need your certificate in another language?

If you are getting married in another country, applying for a visa abroad, or need to use any type of certificate outside of your home country, you may need a translated copy in the native language of the country in which you are leaving. to use. Finding a qualified professional to carry out the translation and certification process for you can be a difficult and potentially expensive task, while Lex Express can provide you with your replacement certificate in its original form, as well as help you obtain a copy of a sworn translation of your document.

Where can I get help with my translation?

For assistance in obtaining a translated copy of your certificate, or any other document, please fill out and send the form, a specialized agent will contact you in the shortest possible time.










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