Procedures we carry out in Argentina


Certification of a document for its legalization before the Ministry or Secretary of Foreign Relations. The action is carried out by granting validity to a public document, checking the authenticity of the signature placed on a document and the quality in which the authority signing the document has acted for it to take effect in a foreign country belonging to the Hague Convention. Notarial documents, notarial testimonies, court documents, documents related to marital status, documents issued by commercial registers, university degrees, sworn translations can be legalized.


Certified copy of the civil registration of birth of the interested party, issued by a notary or local registry.


Certified copy of a civil registry of marriage or divorce, issued by a notary or local registry.


Document that certifies the marital status of a person who wants to marry in another country. This document is, in most cases, valid for 3 months from the date of issue.
Copies and, in some cases, originals of the birth certificates of the contracting parties (first marriage)
Divorce and / or death certificates, depending on the case (second marriage)


Baptismal certificates or certificates, documents that serve as supplements to other identifications for passport processing and / or as support to obtain / correct a civil birth certificate.
– Data of the Interested Party: Name, Place and Date of Birth.
– Copy of your registration or baptismal certificate.
– Name and date of birth of their parents.
– Name and address of the parish where he was baptized.
– Exact date of said celebration.


Certified copy of the civil death record, issued by a notary or local registry. The death certificate certifies the data related to the death of a person (date, place, identity of death, age, marital status, nationality and place of burial, among others). You can apply for free on the official website of the ministry. Average processing time for the death certificate: From 10 to 15 business days depending on the Civil Registry (once 15 days have elapsed since death)

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